Flood and Water Damage Restoration in Airdrie

HazPro - Customer on the phone as she cleans water off the of the floor from a leaky pipe

When a home or commercial property is flooding, there is no question that a professional should be called to perform water removal. Other times, water damage could occur by seeping through foundation structures or slowly dripping for weeks before the problem is identified. In some cases, property owners delay contacting professionals to manage the damage and take the project on alone. It is important to note that water problems, no matter how small, can still result in damage to property, dangerous molds and poor air quality. The longer the water sits, the more damage it achieves, so it is critical to contact a professional for assessment right away.

Professional Help

Our restoration professionals are on-call 24/7 to respond to your emergency. Our approach begins with an assessment of the degree of water damage and an inspection of the area for evidence of mold or problematic air quality. If your home or property was built before 1970, your inspector will be on high alert for the presence of lead and/or asbestos. If asbestos has been disturbed as a result of water damage, it is considered hazardous material and must be properly contained and removed by a qualified professional. Once the overall circumstances and conditions are understood, our experts consult with you to recommend next steps.


The restoration process begins with removing any standing water with the use of pumps if necessary, and a drying process will begin. In order to dry your space, dehumidifiers and professional drying systems are employed. Flood water can range from clean rainwater to raw sewage, and it is critically important that the right drying methods are chosen. Sanitation, air purification and deodorization needs are always priorities in the restoration process.

If further damage is possible, it may be necessary to move furniture and other important objects to contain the flooded area and prevent spreading. Once standing water has been removed, wet carpets can be vacuumed if they are salvageable which may require lifting for air flow. Rugs and carpets that remain will be professionally cleaned and restored as much as possible. In many cases, carpet and underlayment are not salvageable and must be cut and rolled for removal. Our professionals offer removal and disposal services of flooring and other materials as needed. In cold Canadian winters, deep freeze temperatures can subject water pipes to the risk of bursting if they freeze. In order to access the source of the water, drywall and trim must sometimes be cut and removed. Your flood professional will help guide you through this process, and we will work with your insurance agency as needed to facilitate your claim process. When a flood occurs, call a service provider and then proceed to contact your insurance company. Your insurance company will advise you about the process and open a claim.

Prompt water damage assessment and inspection techniques
Reconstruction of water damaged areas in a timely manner

Can’t I Do it Myself?

Restoring water damage can come with significant risks to the diy-er due to lack of protective equipment and air quality meters. When a restoration team arrives to perform cleanup, they do so with awareness of potential hazards and with the right protective gear. Many projects require a full hazardous material suit and professional masks to ensure strict safety code adherence for the safety of everyone involved in the cleanup.

We are passionate about helping those affected by flooding or water damage because we know how stressful these events can be. These situations can often have an overwhelming effect on property owners and we reduce their concerns by being a full-service provider of everything from damage assessment right through to interior and exterior renovation. We take the lead, ensuring that your questions and concerns are promptly addressed and that you can confidently attend to your daily life knowing that our experts have your project under control.

Know Your Contractor

When you are dealing with an emergency, there is little time to waste in contacting a provider. Still, it is important to confirm that the restoration company is experienced in managing the level of water damage occurring. For example, a severe flood may require the efforts of restoration professionals, plumbers, carpenters, electricians and insurance representatives, to name only a few. Your contractor should be comfortable with these complex projects and be able to oversee its many moving parts as it progresses. Contractors must always be bonded and insured to limit liability concerns.

The customer’s experience working with our professionals is our top priority. Whether your project is big or small, we work to build trust with you by offering excellent communication, education and timely service. To find a contractor in your area, consider taking some time to review the company’s customer ratings. Look for evidence of expertise, professionalism and excellent customer service in ratings and avoid companies with ratings that indicate a theme of poor customer service and reliability.

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